The Top 10 Albums of 2015: Readers Poll

We asked for your opinion, and we got it. The votes have been tallied, and considering the wide variety of albums that made the final 10, we're delighted at the result. Yes, there were a few albums that were a little out of place amongst the contenders (to whomever cast a vote for Papa Roach and Three Days Grace, sorry!), but luckily they didn't receive enough support to make it on the list. That said, the #1 spot was a pretty solid runaway, garnering more than half of the first place votes.

A reminder of how scores were calculated: Points will be assigned based on position. Albums that make the #1 slot will receive 10 points, #2 will receive 9 points, and so on down to #10, which receives 1 point. Thank you to everyone that voted!

10. Slayer - Repentless. For all of the nonsense about whether 'repentless' is a word - it isn't - this album had some highlights that seem to be critically panned. Regardless of who you are, you age, things change, and your sound evolves. Good or bad, it seems to have worked just fine for Slayer.

9. Intronaut - The Direction Of Last Things. Maybe Metal Injection summed this record up best in saying that Intronaut haven't made the same album twice. They bend and twist their output each and every time. To some, that could be off-putting; you might not get exactly what it is you wanted. But it keeps there catalog fresh and diverse. And, with little question, it was one of the most beautiful LP packages we saw this year.

8. Ghost - Meliora. Many people just don't 'get it' when it comes to Ghost. That isn't an indictment of anyone's taste, though. Ghost isn't just about the music, but the pageantry, the characters, and things happening beneath the surface. Whether you're in it for the 'Satan gone mainstream' aesthetic, or you just have a taste for the theatrical, Meliora is Ghost's strongest release to date.

7. Sunn O))) - Kannon. Fans of this band are rabid, albeit in the most subdued way. Every release becomes an event, and Kannon was no different. Some called it bright, and one e-mailer said it was the most fulfilling acid trip he ever had. But even without herbal inducements, Sunn O))) have aised the bar for themselves once again.

6. Baroness - Purple. One of the most talked about albums of 2015, and it's every bit as good as people say it is. Had we had more time to listen and digest, it likely would have taken a place near the top of our list, but I digress. Baroness did something special with this album, and we'll address that in an upcoming feature.

5. Between The Buried And Me - Coma Ecliptic. I've yet to find myself enjoying an album by Between The Buried And Me, and that seems to put us in the minority. Another album, another round of critical acclaim. Longevity and pleasing their fanbase are certainly strengths you can dig.

4. Thy Art Is Murder - Holy War. Vocalist CJ McMahon has since exited the band cited the inability to make a living as a full time musician, but before he did, Thy Art Is Murder made a hefty splash. What their future holds is up in the air - Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution will be filling in on tour - but this won't be the last we've heard of these Aussies.

3. Paradise Lost - The Plague Within. When you put together a strong death metal/doom metal album, your listeners will swarm to it. Paradise Lost did exactly that - following it with a live symphony - and the results speak for themselves. Is there a Bloodbath effect?

2. Cattle Decapitation - The Anthropocene Extinction. This was a slight surprise; not because the album isn't good, however. In a year headlined by one high profile release after another, it was shocking to see how many year-end lists featured this record. A testament to what this band is STILL doing.

1. Tribulation - Children Of The Night. It's always good to see that an album is liked, outside of the broadening sphere of music critics and media. A lot of major music publications touted this as a can't miss record for 2015, and your votes seem to have backed that up.