Social media and music: Helpful to a fault

We have sung the praises for the last few weeks of how social media helps bands and promoters spread music quickly and efficiently. It allows bands to interact with current and potential fans with quite literally the click of a button. However, what we haven't mentioned is the downward spiral a band may fall on when social media use goes terribly wrong.

One of the things Cara from Asher Media Relations pointed out to us is that merely posting on social media isn't enough, it's the mix of what a band posts that stands out. "70 percent of your content should build your band," Cara says, meaning the majority of what a band posts should relate to their band as a whole, like current projects, new music, or tour dates. Cara also points out that what doesn't belong on a band's feed is dirty laundry or posts that don't agree with a band's image. Splitting from a member should be handled internally, and should only appear on social media with a positive message. A band's personality is also important to convey in posts, as long as it is balanced. You wouldn't expect a funny band to post serious, somber material.

Only being concerned with the content on a page is another pitfall a band may fall into. The hashtag revolution makes it easy to filter through content on sites like Twitter and Instagram, but it also makes it easy to spam these search engines. Using hashtags that exist to garner extra likes or follows will only give a band a false sense of accomplishment. Jon Asher makes the argument that if these follows don't translate to ticket or merchandise sales, than what purpose are they really serving? To sum it up, Jon says "If ya can't build it grassroots, there's something wrong with your band, maybe you need to suck it up and realize you're truly not well liked." 

After examining social media from all angles, it's safe to say that a band can seriously progress themselves, their music, and their image by using these sites correctly. By avoiding common mistakes, and making the most of what they are posting, a band can improve their reach and relationship with true fans.