The Massacre Cave: On an island...literally

We're no stranger to early releases, promos, and press releases. Even for an operation as small as ours, we are flooded with, quite literally, a hundred or so emails a day. Some announce album releases, streaming tracks, even tour dates, in addition to download links and private listens. But in the primarily digital world of music promotion, it's something you have to get used to. It makes it all the more interesting when you have a request to send a physical promo to your door.

It came in March of 2012, after an email request for our address. A medium white envelope, a Royal Mail postmark in the top right corner, addressed to Sorrow Eternal USA. Inside, a single nondescript CDR, with a handwritten notation on the bottom: "The Massacre Cave - The Ninth Wave." Folded around the disc was a one page press kit of sorts, contact info and brief history of the band. We had no idea what to expect, but whatever it was, we had it in hand.

From the tiny island of Eigg, off the coast of Scotland, The Massacre Cave is, at it's core, a four piece progressive metal band. The name, however, is something more. It is derived from the history of their home, named after a cave where all but one of the 400 island inhabitants were slaughtered in 1577. It provides a story, a background to a band and their musical influences. Founded by brothers Joe and Ben Cormack, The Massacre Cave's debut album, the four track The Ninth Wave, was released on April 23rd of 2012, and despite the improbability, we had a copy sitting on our desk.

Equal parts thrash and progressive metal, the album began to very quickly symbolize something more than music to us. It became synonymous with the struggle that bands endure to make it happen. Because while some bands struggle to book shows and replace a tire on their van, The Massacre Cave were on an island. As they told us in our subsequent interview, getting from the island to the mainland wasn't always as easy as hopping on a ferry. It was often a windowed opportunity, making the booking of shows difficult. As Joe once noted, There's only 4 boats a week in winter time, so if one is cancelled and we have a gig, we're fucked." It's made for a wealth of experiences, good and bad, ones that the brothers and their bandmates have continually turned into fodder for their future works.

Now, three years later, and very little has changed. Joe and Ben, along with Pete Colquhon and Jodie Bremenason are still the same mix of fun loving and dedicated, rehearsing new material tirelessly. And when they do hit the mainland, as they did earlier this month in Glasgow, you are sure to experience something unlike a traditional metal show. They've released their first single since The Ninth Wave, the catchy and riff heavy Fighting Giants. And with a new album due out later this year through their own Red Death Records, it brings to mind that one thing has definitely changed; this time, we'll have a good idea of what's in front of us. And we couldn't be more excited.

You can check out more tunes over at The Massacre Cave Soundcloud page, including more from The Ninth Wave. Throw the band a like on Facebook, or grab a copy of the aforementioned album on their Big Cartel page.