Isis (the band) confirms 'Live VII' release date, launch pre-orders

It feels wrong to have to clarify myself every time I mention Isis. Yes, in this case and nearly every case going forward, it is meant to refer to the band, not the terrorist group. In any event, Isis, the band, will be releasing the latest in their live series on March 31st with Live VII, recorded on Feb. 25, 2010, at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne, Australia during the band's last Australian tour. It was mixed by their own Aaron Harris, and mastered by the always busy James Plotkin. You can check out the tracklisting, which features chunks of Wavering Radiant and other cuts from their catalog, and artwork below.

Pre-orders for Live VII are available in CD and LP format here, while the standard digital version can be procured here. The vinyl format, while confirmed, currently has no official release date.

Live VII tracklisting:
01. Hall of the Dead
02. Hand of the Host
03. Holy Tears
04. 20 Minutes / 40 Years
05. Ghost Key
06. Wills Dissolve
07. Threshold of Transformation
08. Carry
09. Celestial (The Tower)