Sabbath Assembly sets may release for 'Rites of Passage'

American doom rock band Sabbath Assembly, who feature in their ranks former Hammers of Misfortune voclaist Jamie Myers, Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia), and guitarist Ron Varod (Kayo Dot, Psalm Zero), have set May 12th as the release date for their sixth studio album, Rites of Passage, via Svart Records. You can view the finalized artwork and tracklisting below. As for the album's theme, it's said that it will "include stories of losing one's religion (rather than initiation), dissolution of a relationship (rather than marriage), and managing the dementia and physical decline of a loved one (as more profound than a funeral rite)." A true rite of passage.

Rites of Passage will be released on CD, LP, and digital formats. Pre-order information is expected soon.

Rites of Passage tracklisting:
01. Shadow's Revenge
02. Angels' Trumpets
03. I Must Be Gone
04. Does Love Die
05. Twilight of God
06. Seven Sermons to the Dead
07. The Bride of Darkness