Stream of the day: Netherbird return with 'Windwards' digital single

Maybe the choice of a digital single seems odd for our prestigious (Ha!) stream of the day, but there s nothing more deserving of your time and attention today than the latest output from Netherbird. The Swedish blackened death metal sextet didn't return with a whimper and a prepared statement; they kicked the fucking door down. The Windwards digital release is just the first in a line of release planned for this year. Next on the list, which we can confirm thanks to its appearance on their official Bandcamp page, will be a second single, Pillars of The Sky, which will precede the band's full length album, The Grander Voyage, which is due out in October. Netherbird was no exaggeration. But we're getting ahead of ourselves, as usual.

Listen to Windwards below, including the exclusive b-side track, Sculptors And Spectres. It was produced by PNA at Scarecrow Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, and mastered by Sverker Wigren at Wing Studios, also in Stockholm, Sweden. The cover artwork comes courtesy of long deceased English landscape artist Joseph Mallord William Turner. Order the single here.