Black Therapy - The Final Outcome (EP) (2014)

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At some point in the music business, being a solid musician and writing good songs would be enough to get you noticed. You'd play shows, rotate between bars, clubs and opening gigs elsewhere, and your name would get out. But now, it seems much harder to break through the barrier between underground and the world stage. No, we're not talking about the difference between playing The Pickwick Pub and Wembley Stadium; but the ability to have your name and sound recognized halfway across the world. Black Therapy, Rome's answer to the melodic death explosion of Scandinavia, are doing great things with the tools at their disposal, and should see little to no resistance in getting to the masses across thousands of miles of water. Their new EP, a four song outing titled The Final Outcome, is exactly the kind of release that they need to make their name synonymous with heavy riffs, brutal screams, and smart writing.

When going into battle, Black therapy waste no time in pulling out the biggest guns they have. The title track, The Final Outcome, is a thunderous gallop of drums and riffs, leaning heavily on huge fills to shake the walls around you. But don't be fooled by the fervor with which the track is delivered, as it isn't mindless in structure. The impassioned screams and growls echo everything from the instrumental below, a constant throughout. Black Crow  doesn't stray far from the party line established already, but it still has too much energy to be stagnant. In the realm of melodic death, the mix stands strong, allowing a powerful low end to drive the track at all times. With an assist from Francesco Ferrini of Fleshgod Apocalypse on keyboards, Mad World is a complete picture of a band in their early stages. There is added depth here, something that makes each layer all the more distinct. A change in tempo shifts the focus from straight double kick drums to a more riff focused attack, and results in a rousing success. It does lend credence to the closing track, the acoustic and rainy Sunset of The Truth. You'll find a lot of delicate vulnerability in this finale, but a show of weakness in this case is a show of strength. It's not what you'd predicted, a sharp left turn that is both welcomed and wholly positive.

If getting noticed was as simple as playing your style of choice extremely well, Black Therapy would already be on the radar of every metal enthusiast the world over. But you have to do something else, something to set yourself apart without giving in to the masses. The band have done exactly that with this EP, flexing their melodic death chops without phoning in a technically savvy yet creatively stunted effort. So much of that success comes from being brave enough to try something a little outside the box, as the two tracks that complete the record prove to be, and seeing no reason to explain or apologize. The versatility they exhibit, while still staying very much in tune with what the melodic death genre has always been, may prove to be exactly what garners them the attention and praise they so richly deserve. The Final Outcome isn't a means to an end, but a means to begin. And this could be a long and fruitful path.


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